• Sun Flower streetlight is powered by the sun to lighten up your path

  • solar-cell-street-lamp_1.jpg
    Who needs streetlights connected to a grid when they can power up with energy from the sun instead! Well, Danish designers Michel Riss and Jens Rosbjerg probably thought that while coming up with the idea for the Sun Flower solar powered street lights. These are high intensity, low consumption solar cell powered lights that will work just great in public spaces like parks, gardens, sidewalks and parking spaces. Independent from the grid, the Sun Flower lighting uses five photovoltaic modules on top that soak in the sun and stores the power, to later on energize its 56 W LED lamps. These streetlights emit a whitish glow and also equip a sensor that automatically switches on and off according to daylight. And yes, just incase one of them decides to laze around and not work; the others will continue to lighten up your path, so long as the sun shines bright during the day.

    Question is, what happens to these on non-sunny days when the clouds show up and shower us with their bounty!

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