• Sun Drive USB Key is an Awesome Eco friendly Gadget

  • sun drive usb key.jpg
    Sun Drive, a USB Key which uses solar cell seems to be one of the most trendy eco friendly gadgets in recent times. Modern world of computers, laptops, gadgets and other accessories cannot function without USB drives and chargers. This Sun drive USB key has some interface through which one can even use it to charge cell phones or mp3 player so that there is no need to use conventional electricity to recharge gadgets.

    Sun Drive seems to be too good an accessory to be real but yes it is and costs only $23. It is costlier than usual USB drives but then it can double up as charger and no green gadget comes this cheap either. Apparently solar cell and batteries make it bulkier than usual USB drives but that’s really a non issue if one can opt for green geek gadget. There are no reports about its performance but since it is quite affordable one can actually buy and check it out for a green cause.
    Via Oh Gizmo