• Sun Boxes, solar powered speakers keep the music playing on a fuel-less earth

  • Sun-Boxes.jpg
    Our world is destined to have all its natural resources squeezed out of it, and will be left bare and barren in future. And our successors are destined to have a hard time coping with that. Well, at least our music loving descendents will have their melodies playing, if they use technology like this. Designed by Craig Colorusso, the Sun Boxes simply use solar panels to power them up and function as individual speakers. So don’t try placing these in some dark corner of your room and expect them to punch out music.

    The speakers are preloaded with a guitar sample, and the music produced evolves and interacts constantly with the surround space. To be installed in Nevada, these speakers should hopefully continue playing music pleasant to the ears, and not something so bad, that people actually turn away from them, frowning.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 10, 2010