• Streetlamp powered by the sun, wind and biochemicals

  • Viva-Light-Tower-1.jpg
    We’re hoping for a world powered by renewable energy by the year 2020. And for that, a load of changes will need to be brought about, with energy saving methods being employed everywhere. Here’s a streetlamp that could just be the future of the ones we have today, thanks to its green capabilities. For one, it’s completely independent and needs no grid connection. So what powers it up? Three renewable energy sources, the sun, the wind and biochemicals. With a solar panel on top, a vertical wind turbine and a little garden that provides for all that biochemical energy, these streetlamps designed by Chelles Hayashi Designs at present seem to be a lot more expensive than the ones used today though.

    We sure hope technology like this finds its way to our streets in future, keeping them lit up without burning up fossil-fuel created energy that has been throttling our environment all this while.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on November 23, 2010