• Strap a Carbon Dioxide Scrubber on the wrist to breath clean air

  • eco2_scrubber.jpg
    With the rising CO2 levels in the air, our lungs are stressed to purify every inhaled gulp of air. But keep your fingers crossed for the future as David Keith and his team have come up with an well-designed air-purifier. Powered by the kinetic energy, this green watch-like device is designed to take in carbon dioxide directly from the air to purify it and in turn keep the air around the wearer cleaner. Dubbed, Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, it is also known as eCO2 for short. The intake vents suck in the CO2 and the exhaust vents push out the clean air…….much like the green plants in our surroundings. And did I miss telling you that this CO2 purifier also plays the role of a regular watch? However with the abundance of CO2 in air around us, when such a device hits the shelf, users will need to strap on at least half a dozen of these eCO2s to allow free flow of clean breathable air.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 22, 2009