• Spongy glass that absorbs pollutants can be used to clean up water

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    Cleaning up water has never looked easier before the development of the newest technological breakthrough, the glass sponge. Glass as we know it is not spongy, but this new material developed by the College Of Wooster is a type of glass that swells and can soak up liquids. This spongy innovation binds with pollutants and gasoline. However, it does not bind with water. This enables it to be used to clean up water and make it pollution free. The glass material is being tested currently in the United States. The brainchild of Dr. Paul Edmiston of the College Of Wooster, and also the founder of Absorbent Materials, the company that will market this product, the spongy glass can be used efficiently to pick out pollutants from underground water and aid low budget clean ups. An awesome substitute to current water recycling systems that in some way burn energy, this absorbent glass is sure to find its uses and applications everywhere, when available in the market.

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