• Spacesuit with piezoelectric properties helps generate electricity from movement

  • nasa-piezoelectric-spacesuit-1.jpg
    A human being is a walking-walking powerhouse. By simply walking down a street, a person generates energy, unknowingly, which obviously is wasted given that ways to harness energy as such are yet in their development stages. College student and designer, Olivia Lenz hates this waste of energy and has designed a suit that could help harness it all, capture the same and store it as electricity. Specifically designed for astronauts who spend most of their time out in space and constantly require electricity to power up all those gizmos they carry along, this spacesuit integrates piezoelectric properties that allow the wearer to generate energy from movement.

    A suit like this needn’t be restricted to astronauts only. The armed forces could make a jolly-good use of technology like this too!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on April 8, 2011