• Sony lights up elegant Hana-Akari prototype via dye-sensitized solar cells

  • sony_hana_prototype.jpg
    At the ongoing Ecoproducts-2008, Sony has stirred interest amongst the visitors with its latest Hana-Akari prototype lighting fixture. Based on the innovative dye-sensitized solar cells, this lamp can light up dark times akin to photosynthesis technique. Unlike the current silicon solar cells, Sony’s dye-sensitized solar cells are more energy efficient and economical too. Easy to manufacture, such a modified and affordable version of solar cells will give a new life to the solar powered gadgets.

    Though no release date was announced, going by the images, I can assert that such a technology will not only help to light up a lamp but also other run other gadgets like the small fan shown here.
    [Boingboing] Via [Engadget]