• Sony Korea to launch eco-friendly slim notebook pc ‘NW Series’

  • sony_nw_series.jpg
    Sony has been keeping up in the news shining green with all its environment friendly activities. Last year, the electronic giant reduced its global CO2 emissions by approximately 100,000 tons and also implemented the Green Power Certification System. Now, Sony Korea has come up with an eco-friendly slim notebook pc, the NW series for the Korean market. It is designed with recycling materials and has a 15.5-inch LCD screen with ‘Display Fff’ function. The series also features ‘Quick Access’ and a circle scroll touchpad. The suggested price for this beauty is $1,050.620.

    Sony Europe achieved independent certification that every facility with over 100 employees is powered by 100% renewable energy amounting to 190 million kWh or approximately 55,000 tons worth of CO2 emissions. In the US, Sony Group of companies purchased 42 million kWh of renewable energy in fiscal year 2008 which equates to a 25,000 ton reduction in CO2 from renewable energy usage. Sony china recently encouraged some students to think out of the box and create green initiatives. All in all, Sony knows what it is to live in a world clustered and clobbered with pollution so they are making huge efforts to change. Others must follow suit.

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