• SoleCall – The most modest solar powered cell phone for the third world

  • SoleCall_1.jpg
    Everyday, the blogosphere is buzzing with news of the launch of latest, multi-featured cell phones from all over the world. However Julia Schlegel is swimming against the tide to design a cell phone that can only be used to make a call. Targeting the under developed countries, the designer’s sole focus was to build up the communication network. And hence the product got its name, SoleCall. This economical, solar powered communicating device is sans any frilly features like MP3 player, camera or even text messaging. Sporting only the most fundamental number buttons and one single On/Off button, the SoleCall is crafted out of plastic and rubber. Though such raw materials are affordable and help to protect the phone dust and falls, they may generate negative points on the eco front. Since energy consumption is the most vital concern in such areas, this cell phone is designed to get its juice from the abundance of sun’s energy. The rear of SoleCall is plastered with solar cells for the same.

    The handle on the device makes its easy to simply hang it up the window pane or a tree twig to get its dose of solar energy.
    With such green, affordable concepts on the horizon, who can deprive the folks from third world to reap the benefits of the most essential communicating device, the cell phone?

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