• SolBot robot adjusts solar panels towards the sun, increasing energy generation by 40%

  • Tired of adjusting your solar panels to make the most of the sunlight outside? Well, you could now have a robot do the job for you! By California-based startup Qbotix, this robot called the SolBot uses a track positioned alongside the solar-panel array and using a magnate, locates each station. The robot then attaches itself to the unit and suitably tilts and adjusts the panel towards the sun, helping increase energy generation by nearly 40%! Measuring 1.5 meters long and a meter high, these robots use lithium batteries to power up and manage nearly 200 panels at a time, taking 40 minutes to adjust these all suitably. Available in 300-kW units with a back-up robot and steel tracks included, the SolBot robot also packs GPS connectivity for data collection.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 5, 2012