• Solarbulb soaks sun and recycles bottles to get rid of darkness

  • solarbulb.jpg
    Top used plastic bottles with Solarbulb and arrange for an eco-friendly light source for your patio. Recycling those unwanted bottles couldn’t get better! Fitted with 0.18 W solar cells, this alfresco lamp can get rid of the darkness for 6 hours at a stretch. Simply fit this green device on to any bottle and the sensors automatically illuminate the darkness away. However 3-4 hours of soaking in the sun is a must to keep fully charged. With a movable top, the Solarbulb can adjust to make the best of the sunlight. This weather-proof, water-resistant bulb will hit the shelves for about $25.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 10, 2009