• Solar3D develops roof tile-integrated solar cells with 25.47% efficiency

  • solar_rooftop.jpgSolar panels aren’t really an eye-soothing sight, which is probably why not a lot of home owners choose to have these propped up on their roofs. Now, California-based Solar3D is currently working on integrating solar energy directly into roof tiles. This could indeed help preserve the look of the structure, without tarnishing it with eye-scorching solar panels. Using 3D solar cell technology that helps maximize sunlight converted into electricity by simply locking in the sunlight in the cell, Solar3D’s technology also makes use of silicon wafers with efficiencies of solar cells soaring at 25.47%. A development that could pretty much give the solar energy industry an impetus, Solar3D’s photovoltaics are bound to adorn rooftops soon.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on March 21, 2012