• Solar powered room-heater inspired by Trombe wall

  • Solar-powered-room-heater-1.jpg
    Ever dreamed of capturing the sun’s heat, and putting it to use when the day gets colder? Florent Bouhey Fayolle’s design, the Sun Container, does just that. A solar-energy capturing 120W passive heater, this one stores solar heat in slate fins and releases the heat from the vents in the top to heat up the room. Inspired by the concept of the Trombe wall, the Sun Container was built by the industrial design student at the ECAL institute in Lausanne using glass and an aluminum base.

    And given the fact that this one isn’t too much of an eye-sore, it seems to be the perfect way to warm your room, instead of a wood gobbling fireplace.
    [Mocoloco] And [Muuuz]

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