• Solar powered robot to detect faulty overhead power lines

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    Electricity lines that run from pillar to pillar around our neighborhood require regular checks and maintenance. Now, owing to the high voltage of power they transmit, working near these lines can be potentially risky to people. Usually, helicopters do the rounds inspecting these. There is however an answer to all these problems, a flying inspection robot. This one, developed by researchers at the Electric Power Research Institute, USA, is powered up using energy from the sun. using a robot makes this task much easier, cheaper and safer too.

    The robot weighs around 65 kilograms and measures 1.8 meters long. The prototype developed is covered with an array of solar cells and is equipped with a high-definition camera and sensors to keep away from trees. The robot is clever enough to spot faults in the connections and look out for other disturbances too. Travelling at speeds of 4.8kmph, this robot powers up using electromagnetic induction from the over head lines too, just incase the sun isn’t generous enough. This one sure is an innovative idea with a shade of green to it.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 15, 2010