• Solar powered radios made from bamboo

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    Tuning to the radio-waves could create jobs for the people of Madagascar, thanks to 22 year old Becky Barber who came up with a radio design that could help with job opportunities. Becky came up with a radio constructed out of bamboo. The solar powered device, Becky hopes, could help build a social enterprise opportunity in Madagascar. Two thirds of the population of Madagascar lives below the poverty line. Using sustainable and naturally occurring resources to construct radios like these could help provide the people with jobs.

    Becky has visited Madagascar loads of times before, where her parents live, working for charities since the last 26 years. Bamboo is available in Madagascar in certain areas on a plentiful scale, and the cost of production of these green solar powered bamboo radios can be pushed down. Hopefully, Becky’s plan works out and workshops with good salaries for producing radios like these and perhaps a few more products out of sustainable sources spring up in Madagascar.

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