• Solar powered picnic table that charges up mobile phones at Catholic University

  • Solar-powered-picnic-table.jpg
    Lending us a comfortable way to seat is the only role a picnic table is expected to play. Never before have picnic tables done much besides just sitting there, out in the open, basking in the sun. And what better place could there have been to set up a solar array of sorts than a picnic table, in a university campus! Well, most people would stick to setting up photovoltaic systems on rooftops. Six students at the Catholic University in Washington however, hooked these on to a picnic table, turning it into a charging station with renewable energy use! These students will receive a well deserved recognition by University President John Garvey himself.

    Carry your lunch outside, seat yourself at this table, hook on your mobile phone and watch it feed on solar energy while you enjoy your meal!

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