• Solar powered oven made from recycled pizza boxes and aluminum foil

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    After stumbling across this, we sure aren’t going to be tossing out the next pizza box we end up with. High school students Edward R. Murrow and James Madison came up with an innovative and awesome way to put old pizza boxes to use. Using the carton boxes, the duo created an oven of sorts with three sides and a base. Topping it with aluminum foil to reflect the sun, Murrow and Madison also layered the sides of the oven with black paper below the aluminum foil, allowing it to absorb the sun’s heat. And finally, covering the open section with plastic to keep unneeded elements away from the food, they then took these hand-made recycled ovens into the open at the North Plaza of the Union Square, there they showed off their creation, good enough to heat up food without electricity, using the ever-abundant sun’s rays.

    Keeping a thermometer at hand to demonstrate along with a cheese pizza, Murrow and Madison’s inventions heated up to about 200º in the midday sun! Well, it’s time to toss our energy sucking microwaves away and keep the preserve the pizza boxes instead.

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