• Solar powered Blister Radio is still a green concept

  • blister-radio.jpg
    Here is a green concept. If you are one of those who still can’t without radios, go for a greener option, when and if it gets launched that is. It is called the Blister Radio. It is made up of PLA that is polylactic acid, which is a linear aliphatic polyester material – which in turn is sourced from renewable products like cornstarch and sugar cane. So this is totally eco-friendly and you don’t have to even worry about looking the odd man out in holding a radio still as it looks pretty jazzy too.

    The Blister Radio has also got a solar panel at the back to kept its internal batteries powered at all times. How cool is that? Cool until it actually works.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on February 20, 2009