• Solar powered ATM machines by Expert Group in Miami

  • solar-atm.jpg And if you’ve been under the impression that dollar bills are the nearest an ATM machine can ever get to having anything to do with “green”, think again! Expert Group, Inc. will now begin setting up green solar powered ATM machines across Miami, particularly in high traffic areas, giving other Automated Teller Machines an inspiration of eco-friendliness to feed on. These machines will make use of energy from the sun and boast solar panels connected to a circuit breaker board, which feeds a power controller which stores part of the energy collected for use during the darker hours. The firm plans to set up about a 100 of these sparkling green ATM machines in Miami soon.

    And with that, helping yourself to a bit of cash from your account is now a greener affair, in Miami!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 29, 2011