• Solar module by Qinhuangdao Boostsolar Photovoltaic Equipment to be unveiled at the Green Energy Expo 2010

  • Qinhuangdao-Boostsolar-Photovoltaic-Equipment.jpg
    Here’s something to boost the use of solar energy. Qinhuangdao Boostsolar Photovoltaic Equipment will pull the veil of its new solar modules, the Solar Module Laminator, Solar Module Tester and Solar Cell Tester at the Green Energy Expo 2010. The guys at Qinhuangdao Boostsolar Photovoltaic Equipment are technically skilled geniuses who’ve come up with this high performance, reasonably structured, reliable quality solar cell encapsulating and testing equipment.

    The company is the earliest manufacturer of equipment like this in China. With companies like these around working hard to build green energy equipment, the use and promotion of renewable power sources will be a lot easier and more efficient.

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