• Sol Chip, the everlasting batter powered by the sun

  • sol-chip-everlasting-battery-lead
    By now, we’ve all come to agree with the fact that solar-energy is indeed a game-changing way to power the world, particularly in an environment where fossil fuels are quickly draining out. Recently, an Israeli company showcased its most recent development called the Sol Chip, a one-of-a-kind everlasting solar battery that continuously generates energy from the sun’s rays to power up smaller electrical devices like smartphones and tablets.

    Now, the term ‘everlasting’ could mean two things. Obviously, being a solar battery, this one doesn’t need replacement and can be used over and over again, till the sun lasts or the battery remains fit for use. Also, these batteries could be not-so-damageable, making them last longer or in the company’s words, forever. Currently, the Sol Chip has an output of 8.4 volts of power, just about enough for low-power applications. We expect these numbers to rise as technology further develops in the field of solar energy.


    [Via – Greenprophet]

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