• Smart Windows being developed to save up on energy costs

  • smart-window.jpg
    Energy conservation today is vital if the world’s to be given any future chances of survival, given that resources are depleting on rapidly these days, and the best way to preserve the eco-system is switching to cleaner and greener energy sources, and doing our very best to save up on energy today. We just stumbled across this “Smart Window” technology developed by Ho Sun Lim, Jeong Ho Cho, Jooyong Kim and Chang Hwan Le. Using polymers, counterions and solvents such as methanol, these windows reflect the sun’s rays away during the summer time and turn completely transparent during the winter, helping reduce air-conditioning and heating costs.

    And unlike previous attempts at creating smart windows, these newly developed one’s don’t really require expensive maintenance all the while and are perfect ways to utilize natural lighting to the maximum.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 22, 2011