• Smart grids help save energy, money and make wind power generation

  • newsroom-image.jpg Wind power generation is a moody affair. That’s probably the winds are just so moody all the time! And depending on a grid supplied by energy generated from the wind can be difficult. So, the Bonneville Power Administration and Mason County Public Utility District Number 3 came up with a plan to help manage the electricity grid and use wind power more effectively, wherein the issues of congestion in networks and the imbalance of wind power have been addressed. As part of the system to be installed by Mason County PUD 3, devices will be fitted on to water heaters that will communicate with the electrical grid, which based on the amount of power available and the amount of renewable energy, will automatically turn them on and off. This will helps save up on electricity, during peak hours and keep Mason County PUD 3 from spending those useful bucks.

    And to balance out the power generation from wind, the heaters will work as storage systems too, which will keep excess energy produced from being wasted by simply turning the heaters on. Participating homes will have these devices installed by October 2010.

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