• Skipping rope with a torchlight that uses kinetic energy to charge

  • Skipping_rope.jpg
    You can now power up a torch light every time you skip. That may sound weird to you, but with designers Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee’s newest innovation, your skipping rope is now a torchlight that uses kinetic energy to flash up! And how is that possible? Simply by converting the kinetic energy you produce every time you skip, into electrical energy that is then stored in a torchlight integrated in the skipping rope itself. This stored kinetic energy is used to power up the light. This innovative torchlight and skipping rope requires no batteries and depends on your exercise to power up. The spinning of the “rope” produces kinetic energy, which then converts into electricity. The rope also records the number of jumps made and the amount of charge is indicated. The torch uses an LED bulb. So go skip and make some energy that will help you see in the dark, literally.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 13, 2010