• Siemens’ speedMatic dishwasher employs their latest green zeolitic drying technology

  • Siemens-zeolitic-drying-system.jpg
    Siemens have come up with an environment friendly and green zeolitic drying system that has won the Award for Climate Protection and the Environment. Together with the Siemens speedMatic dishwasher, the system is around 20% more efficient than others in the highest energy-efficient category. It uses just 10 liters of mineral water instead of 14 liters per cycle and this technology will now be mass produced. The technology will also find its place in mid-range models and not just high-end ones. Minerals that generate supplementary heat that help shorten the program to less than two hours at 50 degrees Celsius makes it more efficient than other dishwashers around.

    This heat is supplied by zeolites that are aluminosilicate minerals with a very large surface area and microporous structure. They absorb 40% of their dry weight in water and give of heat and also the absorbed water. The speedMatic is the fastest dishwasher amongst its peers.

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