• ‘Show Me’ shows how much water is ‘waste’ in the shower

  • water-consumption-meter.jpg
    Don’t you always feel bad about letting so much water get wasted while taking a shower? In spite of knowing this, you are nearly helpless. But not anymore! Show Me water consumption meter is here to try and help maintain the ecological balance by alerting you when you exceed 5 liters of water usage in the shower. This concept works with a blue LED light lighting up each time you exceed the pre-set limit. The technology is made even more interesting by giving it a visual effect of a blocked drain in the shower stall. In my opinion, this concept will go a long way in creating more awareness among the people to be more ecologically sensitive and conscious. But only if there was some way by which the flow of hot water would simply stop once the pre-set limit was reached, would have made sure people are actually going the green way!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 29, 2009