• Shouting at your mobile phone could help charge it up with Korean-created gadget

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    We’ve all screamed and shouted our lungs out at our mobile phones at times. This could probably do you some good in future, much to the annoyance of those standing around you though. Researchers and scientists recently have developed a gadget that hooks on to mobile phones and generates energy by converting sound energy into usable electricity. With Dr Sang-Woo Kim at the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea at the lead, the project involves the use of tiny strands of the zinc oxide pressed between two electrodes that react to soundwaves, generating electricity and juicing up the mobile phone’s battery!

    With this, yelling at your phone could probably help trickle charge in its battery, keeping away the annoying situation of having a drained mobile-phone battery.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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