• Sharp launches new eco friendly Aquos series of television sets

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    Sharp has now unveiled its new eco-friendly LCD television range in Japan. There will be three in the series of the new AQUOS including the 40”, 42” and 52” Full high-definition panel. The sets will be fully loaded with HDMI, 120Hz. The new range is made to reduce power consumption drastically with an improved backlight and overall power consumption system capable providing 175kWh per year for the 52 inch set, 145kWh per year for the 46 inch set and 120kWh per year for the 40 inch model.

    Prices will be around 200,000 Yen for the 40 inch model, 260,000 Yen for the 46 inch model and 390,000 Yen for the 52 inch model.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 24, 2009