• Sharp Corp produces LED lighting with enhanced luminous efficiency

  • Sharp-high-efficiency-LED-Device.jpg
    LEDs help save up on energy, and at the same time, light up just as bright as those energy sucking bulbs do, which is why today, LED technology is quickly catching on, with more and more companies developing better lighting. Recently, Sharp Corp unveiled an LED device with a luminous efficiency of 91lm/W with an input power of 25W to be used for lighting purposes. This one has the highest luminous efficiency, 91lm/W for a power input of 25W, in the industry. With a general color rendering index (Ra) of 83, the LED device emits an incandescent color light and comes in two models, one with a color temperature of 3,000K and the other with 2,700K. Later, Sharp will develop models with a 15W power input.

    With a sample price of ¥3,000 and ¥2,000 for the 25W models and 15W models respectively, these devices are mainly meant to be used as spotlights, like the lighting used in shops.

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