• Sensor to measure carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity

  • infrared-carbon-dioxide-co2-sensor.jpg
    We have always read about calculating the carbon footprints in the air and the likes but we have never really understood how. Maybe with this particular batter-powered sensor, K-33 from CO2Meter.com will give us an idea how to. It apparently can measure CO2, temperature and humidity. The K-33 can store up to 5,400 data points in on-board memory and downloaded later for analysis. In its sleep mode, four AA batteries can be used to power it and can also record atmospheric conditions for over weeks or months at a time.

    For bigger scientific experiments, they are also offering an open source SDK (software development kit) that allows the user to both read the sensor data log as well as program dozens of parameters for custom applications. It looks useful if not for all the techie jargon.

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