• Sarvajal unveils solar-powered water dispensing ATMs in India

  • sarvajal-solar-powered-water-dispensing-ATM-1.jpg
    The last we heard of solar-powered ATMs, was the machines unveiled by Expert Group in Miami that were used to give out, well, money. Sarvajal, an Indian organization however, designed solar-powered ATMs that dispense water! Given that clean water is a luxury, not just to rural areas in India but to about 1/8th of the world’s population as a whole, 60% to 80% of all disease in India are also caused by water. Sarvajal’s water-dispensing ATM machine works with a pre-paid card and treats water with reverse osmosis and ultraviolet rays. Also, these ATMs are connected via cellphone networks which help Sarvajal keep an eye on maintenance issues.

    For a price of $3 per month from each family, these machines dispense clean drinking water and about 120 facilities have been set up across India, serving potable water to about 60,000 people!

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