• Sanyo unveils advanced Eneloop rechargeable batteries with 500 more charges

  • sanyo-eneloop-rechargeable-batteries-1.jpg
    Sanyo is here with an early Christmas present that will power up all the other Christmas presents you’ll get this year, rechargeable batteries. Well, rechargeable batteries aren’t uncommon, though this one by Sanyo is a new and improved enhanced version that’ll join the Eneloop line. Available in AA and AAA sizes, these batteries can be charged 500 times more than its ancestors, retaining 75% of charge for three years! In short, unlike the batteries you usually use, these rechargeable batteries won’t land up in a landfill as soon as you’re done using them. You can charge them up again, and again, and again. The pack includes a 4-position charger, eight (8) AA batteries and four (4) AAA batteries for as low as $25.99.

    With around 1,500 charges, these are the best rechargeable batteries you can currently pick up the shelf of your local store. We just love Sanyo’s early Christmas present!
    [Earthtechling And PRNewswire]

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