• Sanyo develops world most efficient solar module with 20.7% efficiency

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    The world’s finally realizing the need to save itself, with people turning to renewable energy sources, slowly but surely. We hope for a future with greener energy resources that do not pollute, or squeeze the earth of its resources. Solar power, wind energy, tidal energy and a few others are being used today. Well, solar power is sure having its share of attention, with more and more applicability being discovered everyday. And so, Sanyo have realized the need to improve their technology to harness solar power and have come up with a new solar module, the HIT-N230.

    The modules, including the N225 (225W) along with the latest N230 (230W) are the most efficient in the world, with a 20.7% efficiency. The firm managed this by increasing the number of tabs from 2 to 3,, using thinner tabs, using a AG coated glass allowing light trapping that allows the reduction of reflection of light and scattering. Hopefully, this one helps power up our world with energy from the sun on a more efficient scale in future.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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