• San Francisco International Airport installs Hydration Stations for pure and clean water

  • Hydration-Station-by-SFO-1.jpg
    Airline travelers usually end up with parched throats before boarding their flights as security checks seize water bottles and packaged drinking water sells at costs that might just have some preferring thirst. The San Francisco International Airport though will quench the thirst of travelers with the Hydration Stations, futuristic water fountains. Travelers are allowed to carry empty water bottles through security checks, and once inside can fill up from the Hydration Stations. This will also help keep away a load of plastic from landfills while supplying travelers with pure water.

    Maybe other airport terminals could look up to the San Francisco International Airport for inspiration and keep travelers happy with quenched thirsts.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 15, 2011