• Rukus solar-powered Bluetooth enabled portable speaker unveiled

  • 4.jpgLooking for a better way to play your music out loud in the open air? This solar powered portable speaker is bound to do the job just right! Unveiled at CES 2012, the Rukus portable speaker system powers up via a solar panel integrated on the top of the device‚Äôs body. Streaming music via Bluetooth, the front instrument panel includes a Bluetooth toggle, and buttons for volume, aux, and bass adjustments. And to top it off, the Rukus sports a display that shows battery levels, solar charge levels and the like. Sporting an internal lithium battery that charges up in six hours with direct sunlight, this one also juices up with an AC adapter or via USB and comes for $149.99.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on January 9, 2012