• Rock concert T-shirt that charges up your phone with sound energy

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    If you spend the better half of your life visiting uproarious rock concerts and the like, here’s the perfect apparel for you. The next time you step out to watch the Prodigy or Slipknot for instance, chuck your old band T-shirt away and done this awesome one, that converts all the sound energy being blasted out of those speakers into usable electricity, that you could charge your phone with! Using an A4 panel with a modified film that works like a giant microphone of sorts, the T-shirt absorbs the sound energy and converts it into electricity using compressing interlacing quartz crystals. The electricity created is then stored in a battery which in turn is capable of juicing up your portable devices!

    A classic blend of technology coupled with a pretty practical mode to energy generation, this T-shirt will make the next gig you attend a charged-up affair.
    Via – [Gizmodiva]

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