• Robb Godshaw’s human hamster wheel gives office workers a nice long walk indoors

  • desk-treadmill-1What does a sedentary lifestyle do to you? It turns you into a lethargic coffee-overdosing pot-bellied exhausted individual who barely uses his/her legs for anything more than walking down to the deli to stock up on meat. To keep the lethargy at bay at work-spaces, industrial designer Robb Godshaw has unveiled this piece of furniture described as “health-promoting piece of work furniture.”

    Made to resemble a hamster-wheel, this standing-desk treadmill enables office folk to get a nice long walk after a hearty meal without stepping away from their work! The desk was created in collaboration with a few of Godshaw’s fellow tinkerers including Vanessa Sigurdson, Gabe Patin, Oliver Kreitman, and Bilal Ghalib, and will enable folks to punch in emails and do what they do best at work, while walking in one place!

    [Via – Core77]

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 20, 2014