• Revolutionary “Greenfan” to provide a new ‘windy’ experience

  • A new electric fan developed by Balmuda Design Ltd, called the ‘Greenfan’, employs an innovative technique to improve performance while reducing energy consumption. It uses a large and small fan concentrically arranged to create a pressure difference which produces, what the company executives call, ’a wall of wind’. It has a 5-blade fan integrated with a 9-blade fan, due to which air flow from the 9-blade fan gets halved causing diffusion of winds 30-50 cm away and thus, leading to this effect. It has four operating modes; while on the “weak” mode, the rotating speed is maintained at 250 rpm compared to 600 rpm in conventional fans. Due to this the power consumption is only 4W in the weak mode.

    Apart from these technical innovations it also has other thoughtful touches. The switches are placed on top of the main body instead of the base so that the user doesn’t have to crouch down to operate it. The high performing and low consuming ‘Greenfan’ is supposed to be available in the market from mid May, 2010 at a price of $358.

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