• Revolutionair wind turbines for domestic use designed by Philippe Starck

  • Revolutionair_wind_turbines.jpg
    French designer Philippe Starck has decided to take up the task of spreading the use of renewable energy sources by designing micro wind turbines. Known for his designs in hotels, furniture and high-tech lamps, Starck is now working on wind turbines that can be used at home. The designer showed off the ‘Revolutionair’ turbines, a two year long effort made by Pramac from Italy. These turbines can be used in the garden or up on your roof and is available in the quadrangular shaped 400W WT model that generates 400W of power and the helicoidal shaped 1KW WT model that is capable of generating 1KW. Starck has designed these products specifically for domestic use. These wind turbines will help reduce the strain on the power grid and will power up our homes instead. You can buy yourself one of these for 2,500 Euros and 3,500 Euros for the 400W and 1KW models respectively. The wind blows the right way for this design by Philippe Starck.


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