• Researchers develop system to charge portable electronics on the go

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    Juicing up portable electric devices on the go using energy emitted from human bodies is a dream long conceived by researchers and technology-developers. This might now be near-possible with this latest development by Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Using reverse electrowetting technology that converts the energy generated by moving liquid into electricity, the system will be embedded in footwear to generate about 20 watts of usable electricity, using heat lost from the body during walks. This can charge up small portable devices and in the future, might generate enough juice to power up those hefty energy-drinking mobile phones too!

    A technological leap that could change the way we live and power up our portable electronics; we wish the researchers all the very best with their work with hopes to have shoes that charge our phones in future.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on August 25, 2011