• Refrigerator that keeps temperatures below 10 degree Celcius without power

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    We all have that moment where our heart pops into our throats during blackouts, scared that all the food in our refrigerators might just go bad. It’s the same with expensive medicines and vaccines too that could cause losses due to blackouts at times. So, True Energy has developed a unique Vaccine Refrigerator that keeps the temperature well below 10 degrees Celsius for a good 10 days, after plugging it out of the grid-socket. Regardless of the temperatures outside, the refrigerator keeps a steady temperature inside using a combination of a built-in rechargeable battery powered either by the grid, a solar panel, or a combination of the two and some heavy-duty insulation.

    Now the whole idea of a solar powered fridge with good insulation could just help people in far flung areas with no grid connection store their food better! Food for thought!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on February 16, 2011