• Recyclable packaging for techy accessories

  • uqampackaging.jpg
    Haven’t we all noticed how pretty all those gadgets look in their flashy packaging? So thick and heavy with so much unwanted crap that it is almost not surprising that the recession had to hit so hard. So now the green geeks got a buzz and they felt that it was important to convert the normal packaging into something useful by making it recyclable. Be it for headphones, mouses, flash drives, etc. this is by the way a project by someone named Émilie for a packaging class. Through the project she implies that the environment will be safe, packaging will get a second life and add a ‘seductive’ effect to the packaging. That sounds a little weird, the last one but then only the weird ones come up with such brilliant ideas, so why not ignore that part.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 20, 2009