• Recompute sports eco-friendly cardboard casing – Greener Gadgets Design Competition

  • Recompute.jpg
    As my readers hit Core77 to vote for their most favored green design, here I go about the 50 entries of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition randomly. Brenden Macaluso from United States intends to redefine the problem of e-waste with his Recompute. Addressing this menace at its core, Brenden has come up with a recyclable and renewable cardboard casing for the computers of the future. Ditching the plastic and metal cases that rule current manufactured systems, this green alternative is shaped out of corrugated cardboard. This real working computer is designed to allow the user to take advantage of existing hardware like old keyboard. Fitted with 8 USB ports, it also allows easy add-ons. The designer also adds that the making of this kinda cardboard case is green too. Also it only needs three major electronic components, a motherboard with processor & memory, power supply, and a hard drive. However, I am wondering that how can this green design tackle the electronic interference? Also it could win more votes if the casing for the whole unit that is, CPU, monitor and keyboard, is shaped out by recycling existing metal or plastic e-waste stuff that are waiting to hit the landfills.