• Rechargeable shopping cart that you can ride around your shopping mall, the Z-Cart

  • F.jpgSo you couldn’t pick up some of those awesome discounted products from your local mall, just because your shopping cart was just too small to accommodate it all. Well, that’s something you wouldn’t need to suffer from in future, with the Z-Cart. Designed by Mete Mordag, the Z-Cart makes your shopping spree into a much pleasant and less-irritating affair. The Z-Cart is designed with different storage space for different types of items, segregating them and making shopping easier. And that’s not all. If your supermarket is large as a soccer field, this cart can be driven around to save the effort of walking around, using a rechargeable scooter motor.

    Equipped with stopping lights, brakes, and a small digital display to show battery level and also an accelerator fitted into the handle bars, the Z-Cart uses infrared distance detectors in front and rear. The main body of the cart and hold removable baskets and can be expanded too! Indeed a great way to make shopping easier, the Z-Cart.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 1, 2010