• Printing out lithium polymer batteries, the latest brainwave around

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    Printing out lithium polymer batteries may seem out of the box and weird, but that’s exactly what a bunch of Japanese researches are working on. Trust the Japanese to come up with some real innovative ideas. Led by Advanced Materials Innovation Center (AMIC) of Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center (MIESC), these researchers are currently designing and chiseling out a sheet shaped battery. This can be used as a flexible solar battery. Due to the fact that it is printed, the battery can save out on thickness, enlarged and laminated. Two types of batteries have been prototyped with output voltages of 4V and 2V with a thickness of 500μm and an undisclosed battery capacity. Using the roll-to-roll method, thin batteries can be manufactured by reducing the thickness of flexible substrate. The group plans to get these batteries produced commercially with specific applications by 2011.


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