• Powered up by kinetic energy, the Kinetic MP3 Player

  • kinetic-mp3-player_1.jpg
    Now here’s a great way to listen to those favorite tracks of yours while on the go, using a bit of renewable energy. The Kinetic MP3 Player by British designer Matthew Smith makes sure you have your music playing, using kinetic energy! The energy generated to power this one up is created due to friction, so be it a jog or a brisk walk home from the supermarket, the Kinetic will just keep pumping those beats. The MP3 player uses a built in kinetic energy generator, that converts all that kinetic energy you create with motion, into power. The player boasts a joystick that you can use to browse through the menus and metal pads on its handle grip, that keep your heart rate in check. This comes handy while working out.

    So why plug into a socket at all, if a bit of walking or exercising could charge up your MP3 player, when the Kinetic MP3 Player’s green and it keeps you entertained too.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 6, 2010