• Power HotSpot uses solar energy to render a grid-free lifestyle

  • Power_HotSpot.jpg
    Solis Energy has rolled out the new solar power product to provide power at remote places. Christened, Power HotSpot, it is ideal for grid-free locations as it can run small 12 volt electronics with the help of a a car power adaptor and some sunshine. This green product can also supply power in offices and homes. Save your bills and use the Power HotSpot to recharge tools, notebooks, music players, cell phones, gazebo lights, an aerator or even a fountain. It can also provide power to inverters for AC power. And while camping it can be used to power boat aerators and recharge batteries on a dock. Prized at $375, it is designed to handle rough weather too.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on November 17, 2009