• Portable water purifier powered by solar energy and fuel cells generates electricity too

  • Portable_Solar_Water_Purifier.jpg
    An angel in disguise for those stricken by disasters and disaster-hit areas, The Essential Element came up with this awesome device that helps clean up water and make it potable, and generate electricity to power up communication devices too! Known as the Hydra, the contraption sports a 2.88 kilowatt solar panel array that can power up a 900-watt pump that uses the water for the device’s self cleaning filtration. It also packs a bunch of lead-acid gel batteries that can store around 900 ampere-hours of energy. Besides this, the panels also power up an electrolyser that helps fill up the 0.37 cubic-meter propane tank with hydrogen, pressurized to 140000 kilograms per square meter.

    The Hydra maintains it self and can also be packed away quickly and transported to different locations. A lot of though has been put into this one while designing and developing, making it ideal for disaster-hit situations.