• Portable Solar powered refrigerator cools like human body

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    Blessed with a talent to invent stuff to improve the lifestyle of the underprivileged from the Third World, Emily Cummins has once again hit the jackpot with the solar powered refrigerator. Created out of household materials, this green fridge maintains a cool temperature at 6 degrees by absorbing the scorching rays of sun. Based on the principle of evaporation, this cooling gadget helps to preserve perishable goods such as milk and meat cool for days. Comprising of two cylinders fitted one inside the other; it uses the simplest method of biological cooling. Akin to the human body that cools off by sweating. While the inner cylinder is made from metal, the outer cylinder can be made from anything a person can lay hand on, including wood and plastic.

    Aged 21, this young inventor has won accolades for her previous attempts to simply the lives of millions with a toothpaste squeezer for arthritis sufferers and for a water-carrying device for the Third World residents. Known as ‘The Fridge Lady’ in Nambia, Miss Cummins also hopes to patent a more sophisticated portable model for use in transporting medical supplies around hot countries.

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